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Project Description
"SmugMug on Facebook" is a Facebook application that allows you to feature photographs from your SmugMug account on your Facebook profile. It was originally built as an excuse to learn Orcas, LINQ, the SmugMug API and the Facebook API. But it actually turned out to be a moderately useful application.

A note on Facebook
The live Facebook application is located at The API secret has been removed from the source code. For testing purposes, you will need to create your own Facebook application and modify API key on the following pages:
  • \refresh\update\default.aspx

A note on SQL
This application connects to a SQL or SQL Express database. The script to create the tables and stored procedures is included. You will need to modify the Connection String to point to your own SQL database.
  • \App_Data\schema.sql
  • \ConnectionStrings.config

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